What should you send to your email subscribers?

Have you ever sat down to write your newsletter, all pumped up and excited, only to lose your train of thought? Yeah, me neither.
Cue blinking cursors, pounding heartbeats and feelings of insecurity, wondering whether you’d be able to come up with something epic enough to keep your subscribers on your list much longer.


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So seriously speaking, I’ve mapped out seven different kinds of content you can send to your newsletter subscribers, which we’ll expand upon in the next paragraphs. I’m sure there are other ways out there, I just kinda prefer to narrow them down to seven. Let’s get started:

  1. Exclusive, premium content: Like I wrote in the ebook, your newsletter subscribers will really appreciate occasional, all-access pass to premium content not published on your blog. It doesn’t have to be a weekly thing so as not to overwhelm yourself. For example, you can choose to create premium content for them once in a month while you send your blog content on the other days. A very good way to go about this is to ask them about stuffs they’re currently struggling with in their businesses, marriages, professional lives etc., depending on your niche. Want a sample script? You’ll get one in your inbox when you download your free copy of the eBook!
  2. Behind the scenes content: People love to know the stuffs that happen to other creative entrepreneurs behind closed curtains. It’s fresh, it’s informative and there’s always someone, somewhere that will learn one or two things about your process, the mistakes you made, you strengths and your uniqueness. Behind the scenes content don’t always have to be something that has to do with a big launch. It can be your creative process for client-intake, or how you consistently come up with quality content for your tribe! When you share this type of content, include the apps, tools, resources and stuffs you learned from other creatives that made your life easier during the process.
  3. Failures: We live in an Instagram prefect world where people only share the best parts of their lives. Here’s a deep, dark secret: when it comes to running a business solo, no one has it all under control! Not even the experts. We have all our creative messes that make us who we are. And people love deep down honesty. People love business owners that don’t look perfect all the time. You asked why? Because it makes them so freaking relatable! You do not have to share it all, but find a way to work vulnerability into your marketing message.
  4. Brand narratives: In the beginning of the list building guide, we talked (writing mostly feels like talking!) about defining your brand DNA. Brand narratives simply mean brand storytelling. Which is the art of creating exciting content that moves your prospective buyers and drives them to take action. Create stories that reinforce your core values, the foundation of your business and your unique selling proposition. If this “branding thing” is still a grey area for you or you struggle with creating emotional brand stories that move your prospective clients, it might be time to get a strong brand identity designed for your business.
  5. Educational stuff like webinars, swipe files, worksheets, premade scripts, mini courses, video trainings: Kind of a no brainer, right? I wrote about content upgrades in the free guide, and what better way to serve your email subscribers than to give them these content upgrades? Send them recorded webinars, shoot an impromptu training video, create a worksheet for your popular blog posts or give them premade scripts to rescue them when the going gets tough!
  6. Brand visuals and infographics: Some people are not just into writing too much content. That’s ok! We can’t all be copywriters. If you find it easier to communicate your feelings through graphics, then by all means go for it. Check Pinterest for inspiration on catchy visuals, email designs and infographics.
  7. Promotional content for your products, services and special launches: I’m sure this is the part you’ve been waiting for! From autoresponders to email series and timed challenges, the possibilities are endless. Your email list is the surest way to convert warm leads into buyers. People on your email list already know you, they’re just waiting for the right opportunity to buy your stuff. Whether you’re promoting your regular services or launching something new, announce to your email list to let them know!

Rule of thumb: Use the 90/10 rule for sharing promotional content with your email list. Trust me, this is coming from a “ruthless unsubscriber” as I like to call myself sometimes. Not to sound arrogant or anything, but it’s easier to lose subscribers than to gain them. So at every point in time, share 90% educational content and 10% promotional content.

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