Evan Gracie Creative is now Type & Pixel Studio

The long awaited change is here! Albeit it taking longer than expected, I’m proud of this new brand. It’s not a crazy rebrand or anything like that, just a transition from using my name to actually putting on my big girl panties and becoming a creative studio. Type & Pixel Studio is just an extension of Evan Gracie. Things are pretty much the same around here. My services are still the same, except that they’re now more streamlined and straightforward. I’m simply loving the new Homepage right now.

At a time that most websites are starting to look all the same, I opted for a below-the fold hero image rather than the common above-the-fold one. Now only is it below the fold, it’s really close to the footer area. So just in case you were wondering, just scroll down to the footer area and you’ll find it there sitting in all its glory. I also made good use of negative space, as you’ll notice on most of the inner pages too. There’s also a name change. I’m sticking to using Temmy Evan Gracie online now instead of just Evan Gracie. Just another one added to the mix. Full gist on the branding and design process coming later!

I have so many exciting  stuffs lined up for the rest of the year and the new year, so keep rocking in my boat, it’s gonna be an interesting ride. Thanks for reading and sticking around during this change. Love you all!

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