Evan did a good job of taking our thoughts and putting it into something cohesive. She brilliantly captured our voice through her extensive survey process that allowed her to really get to know us on a deeper level.
She worked with us clarifying what our product had to offer, the audience, the tone we wanted to set, our expertise, pretty much all of it.
Her brand questionnaire included an extensive line of questioning that we at first thought was a little too much, but it actually really got us to think about what we needed to say and how to present the information.
It’s like we didn’t know what we didn’t know. She really took the time to get to know our business and our voice so she could create the  brilliant copy that got our program sold out within the first two weeks of launching.
– Lore Early LMHC (Managing the madness: the stress-less guide to Parenting.) A project by Lore Early and Sandy Alicea



Prior to working with Evan I’d never worked with a Copywriter before, so I was a bit hesitant. She made the whole experience so easy and straightforward, and I just couldn’t be happier. The initial questionnaire definitely helped to provide me with much better clarification as to who my target audience was, and the copy she delivered reflected that as well. I also loved the amount of options available to chose from, and how those options were varied to provide me with lots of different choices as far as length, content, and style. And the pretty pdf she designed for the final copy was a plus as well. Get her on your team. Like right now.
– Melanie Gebhardt (Web designer, Melanie Anne Creative)



I reached out to Evan for help writing a sales page for my first product. I was so overwhelmed by the process of figuring out what to say and how, especially with the added pressure of wanting it to result in sales! Since it was my first product, I also felt insecure that others may not see the value in it. Evan helped me clarify exactly how much value I have to offer and then put it into words I could use to share my passion with my clients. What I like most about Evan is she’s got a system that works! Working with her, you immediately open your mind to another perspective and worldview, which opens your creative channels and helps you see yourself through the eyes of your clients. After working with Evan, I feel like I can confidently advertise my products and clearly explain their value.  She showed me what people would want to know and how to answer them in an engaging and effective way. I was impressed by how thorough her process is to learn about me, my voice, my products, and my clients. She really digs deep and gets to know your business inside and out. You should hire this chick if you’re serious about your business.
– Alexis Pierce (Life & Business Yoga Coach)


Running a full-fledged digital marketing + SEO firm is not a small feat, Evan makes that possible for me on a daily basis. She’s super smart, hardworking and honest.
As an integral part of my team, what I love most about her is her cross-functional skills. She’s our in-house designer and writer, and her ultra perfectionist nature just makes the clients love her work. Having her on my team is a blessing I wouldn’t trade for anything.
– Walter Pahk (Qode Media)