The single most important reason why you’re not getting clients

You’ve been staring at your Macbook for quite a while. Palms sweating and all.  Refreshing your PayPal account and your inbox for like the 25th time, waiting for some form of miracle to happen.
You’re freaking out, waiting and hoping, wishing for the sales to come. It’s painful and grueling to say the least.

If you’re running a super successful business and you never struggle to get clients, good for you. But, for every other person out there, wishing and waiting – like the scenario I just painted in that first paragraph, this is one blog post you’ll wanna read over and over again and bookmark till it sinks.

As a Copywriter, I get asked lots of questions every time. I mean, clients are entitled to know whether the copy you’re writing for them will bring in the dough, and rightfully so. And I know it’s my job to educate them, especially if I see some not-so-good patterns that almost always spell doom no matter how good the copy or design of their website is.

In May 2015, I re-branded and added design services to my website, and after about 6 months I noticed something very, very interesting. (Stick with me here, peeps, we’ll get to the purpose of this blog post in a jiff.) My analytics showed the most visited pages on my site as my “About”, “Portfolio” and “Hire me” pages, and here’s the most interesting thing: the bounce rate was really high on the “hire me” page! I mean, lots of people were clicking and landing on that page, but fewer people were actually clicking out of the page. The page was the one that housed both my Copywriting and Web design services, it was well-articulated and impeccably designed without distractions, but the bounce rate was still high. And even though I never ran out of clients (especially for Copywriting), the single most important thing I discovered from that little experiment is this – people want specialists.

If you’re reading this blog post and you’re absolutely 100% sure that you have the foundations nailed down in your business, you know your stuff well, and you still find it really hard to get clients, this is something that’s worth looking into.

You’ll be more respected, revered and accepted as the “expert” (even though I’m not a big fan of that word) in your field if you concentrate your energy on one thing and do it really well.

You’re running in too many directions, chasing too many people and offering too many things for too many people to take you seriously. I’m gonna repeat this one more time, people want specialists, not generalists.

To an average prospective client, a specialist induces trust and confidence and is money well spent. So if you’re a multi-passionate freelancer slash entrepreneur like me and you wanna offer everything on your website at the same time, you’re going to eventually have to choose one. Offering too many things to a broad category of people makes you appear like a “cheap alternative”, and you don’t want that. You’ll beaver be able to charge premium prices or position yourself as an authority doing that. Even though I strongly believe you can be an authority in more than one thing, your ideal clients may not always believe that, and remember, at the end of the day, it’s really all about them, not you.

So choose one thing you can do really, really well, and offer it to a specific group of people who need it real bad.

That, my friend, is the smartest thing you can do for your business.

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