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What I love most about being able to work for yourself is how flexible everything is. I’ve been on a blogging hiatus for about a minute, but that’s because I’m working furiously behind the scenes trying to get my stuff better and make it even more worthwhile for my blog readers.

A few weeks ago, I received my admission letter for a postgrad degree starting in October. I’ve almost forgotten I even applied to the school! But I’m very happy and I think it’s gonna be another wild + exciting journey. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’d know I’m a little bit on the restless side. I love taking on new challenges, and I love trying my hands on stuffs other people may consider weird sometimes. Otherwise, why would a mother of two kids with one and a half demanding creative businesses want to go for a second Masters degree? I’m sure you’re wondering! But this time it’s not really about adding another certificate to my resume, it’s more of a quest for living. After my Postpartum depression, I’m learning more and more on living fully in the moment, letting go and pursuing my crazy dreams no matter how long it takes or how weird it looks. I’m pursuing this endeavor for two reasons: the first is for an exciting change of career, and the second is just for that cheap thrill of doing something fresh and different.

That being said, you guys will be seeing some different stuffs on the blog. I’m not deviating too far from normalcy, just freshening things up and trying out new things! I promise you it’s gonna be even more exciting than the normal. Here are some of the stuffs I’ve got tucked under the wrappers:

  • Right now you’ll notice there are no links to my services page on the nav bar. Intentional. That’s because class starts in October, and in order to be able to concentrate and face grad school squarely, I’d be drastically reducing the number of clients I take on, on a monthly basis. I’m gravitating more and more towards digital products that will be able to sell themselves even when I’m super busy with school work, and I already have something super exciting I’m working on. So starting from the month of September, I’ll only be taking two custom design clients per month and open up a waitlist! This is because I don’t wanna do rushed or sloppy work + I want my clients to have the best experience while working with me.
  • I’m working on turning this site into a membership site for creatives, bloggers and entrepreneurs.
    I already have three free master classes lined up my sleeve. I can only record at night when my kids are sleeping, hence the reason why everything seems painfully slow. Not to worry though, I learned a long time ago never to compare myself to others in the creative world, as we all have different strengths, weaknesses and life situations. So even if production takes me three months, I’ll be rolling with the flow.
  • I’m working more on building my email list and creating more epic guides for this site. I’m learning every day what my audience wants and I’ll be giving it to them in the coming days. I have loads of blog posts sitting around in my draft folder and I promise to give you more of them.
  • Brand consulting is coming to the mix. After dealing with clients for quite a while, I realized most people don’t really have the proper business foundation they need before investing in website designs. Some clients are not really sure of what their brands represent, and I realized more and more that I’m doing way more than just building websites and writing copy, my process involves lots of brand strategy which I think would do well by standing on it’s own as a different service entirely. My brand consulting service will be a little different, as I want it to be a sweet mix of brand identity and the process of getting clients and creating a luxury brand. Working on the sales page as I speak. Stay tuned!
  • I’m also introducing two brand new blog series, namely: Type Nerd Collective and Dream. Do. Brand. Type Nerd Collective is for non designers who would love to improve their typography skills. We’ll snag screen shots from beautifully designed, type heavy sites (like this one, and this one) and then try to re-create it on our own with or without Photoshop, and then create a linkup for the designs! It’s a fun project and I’m positive you guys will love it. Dream. Do. Brand. will feature amazing people doing brand and life differently. I wanted to start this as a podcast initially, but truth be told I’m not too sure I have enough time to start a new podcast at this time in my life.
  • Also, a new brand shop! Featuring general deliciousness like custom brand & logo suites, premade graphics and marketing suites for bloggers and entrepreneurs.
  • Last but not the least, the site will be getting a mini makeover. Not to worry, I won’t be redesigning the whole site, just the homepage, my services pages, membership site functionalities and maybe a new logo?

There you go guys, what’s been happening in your lives lately?

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