How to get your first 1000 email subscribers

If you’re running an online business and you somehow want to make money off of it someday, then you probably know by now how important having a targeted email list is. List building is a hot topic in the online world, and for a good reason. When starting to build an email list, the hardest part is the starting point. That’s why you should have a realistic capstone, so you can measure your efforts and ROI to see what works and what doesn’t. This is exactly why I created this guide. More and more, I realize my business is tending towards the teaching angle, and I’d love to share the little knowledge I have with those just starting out! This is because I want you to have a 1000-hour headstart in your business and start making money as soon as possible, or increase your revenue before the year runs out. In a true “Evan fashion”, this guide first started like a blog post. But then, I ended up with 5k+ words and 45 pages of general deliciousness. Needles to say, that would be too much for a blog post. So I made this into a pretty pdf which you can download and read at your convenience.

your first 1k subscribers

Here’s what’s included in this epic guide:

  •   Your brand DNA
  •    Your targeted audience
  •    Your list building goals
  •    Understanding the Pareto principle
  •    10 models for creating email sign-up offers
  •    5 essential elements for building your email list
  •    6 ways to promote your opt-in offers
  •    Creating content for your email subscribers
  •    Branding your newsletter
  •    A sample email newsletter wireframe
  •    What should you send to your subscribers?
  •    Managing unsubscribers and increasing your open rate
  •    7 ways to lose your newsletter subscribers

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Time taken to complete this guide: 7.5 days plus 8 cups of coffee, in the midst of two kids screaming their lungs off every time they couldn’t get my attention.

how to get your first 1k subscribers

You’re welcome! Please share the love among your circle of friends, well-wishers and other amazing people you think can benefit from this guide 🙂


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