Five strategies for booking more clients with your web copy

You’re probably reading this right now because you have a real business, and you sure do wanna make money with your website. The advent of technology has made the impossible possible. In today’s world, we’re a generation of people making our own rules and running lifestyle businesses.
It’s a liberating feeling to be able to run your business from anywhere with a simple but professional website, but that feeling can soon turn to despair and all sorts of gut-wrenching, unfathomable emotions if your website isn’t turning in the cold hard cash.

Great copy is one of the most important elements of a business website, and that’s why you need to get the “copy” part right from the very beginning. Now, we can’t all be copywriters. So, whether you’re the DIY type or you just don’t have the budget for hiring a copywriter to help you out, here are five gold nuggets you can use right now to improve your web copy and start booking more clients:

Start with emotions

I’d never forget how I felt the first time I watched “The fault in our stars”.
Now that was one brilliant piece of screenwriting. You’ve probably seen the movie too, and unless you have a heart of stone, you must have shed a tear or two at some point before watching it to the end. I consider myself someone who doesn’t get unnecessarily emotional, but every now and then I read that kind of web copy or sales page that gets my heart skipping a beat.
Wouldn’t love your potential clients to stop dead in their tracks the first time they land on your website or sales page? The moment you’re able to get someone’s attention with your copy, you’ve won half the battle. You need sentences that are bound to “have them at hello”.
Like a magician, you need to evoke a feeling of longing in your readers. You need to carry them along, empathize with them and let them know you’re in that situation together.
Sometimes, copywriting works like crystal balls but you’ve gotta do the work before you get to that level. Next time you wanna write something for your business, grab a pen and paper and ask yourself these questions:

  • Where’s my prospect coming from? Surely there’s a pain they’re experiencing that they want you to take away like right now. There’s a starting point in their journey, and a destination. Their starting point is where they were before you came into the picture, their destination is where they will be, after you come into that situation like a kool-aid commercial. Now start writing by addressing that starting point, and make it very, very personal. Write in active voice, and address them directly with “you”, like they’re sitting right in front of you and you can talk to them as you look into their eyes.
  • How can I help them?
    Breaking news: Your clients aren’t buying whatever it is you’re selling, they’re buying your personality. Your uniqueness. What makes you tick.
    There are probably a million people with a million websites all over the world selling exactly your kind of products, services, e-course, e-book and what nots. Why would anyone buy yours? Inject your web copy with a unique angle that positions you above your peers. Never sell yourself short. Make it so memorable your name will be ringing in their ears long after they’ve read that copy.
  • What’s in it for them? By default, we humans are “selfish” beings. Not selfish in a bad way, but it’s a fundamental human trait that we’re always more interested in something that has a benefit attached to it. That’s where the power of “because” comes in. Never write underestimate the power of “because”. Use “why and what” questions in your copy and answer with “because” sentences.

Sell benefits over features

Another mistake I see people making on their website is getting too bogged down with the product details. How about you skip “I’ll build you a website with full width sliders on the homepage” and replace with “A website that instantly connects with your prospective clients, drives clicks and engagement and sells you without the sweats”?

See? Let them know the kind of luxury that awaits them when they buy your product or use your service. Let them know the kind of lifestyle they’ll start living from the first moment they hire you. Remember that “destination” we talked about in the first bullet point above? Take them there with your copy.

Dump the clichés

Overused words and clichés can chase people away faster than a broken link on your website. If you’re running an online business you’d know those words by now. Avoid them like the plague. The only exception to this rule is if that’s the only language your audience speaks. Know your audience well, and speak the language they want and understand.

Feed their obsession

Remember that “Just fab” periwinkle shoe ad?
Gets me Every. Single. Time.
If you’re a shoe lover, you’d understand what I’m saying here more than anyone else. They know you already have a boatload of shoes hanging around in your house. They know you technically don’t need one more reason to buy another pair of periwinkle shoes. You can see the naked desire in that girl’s eyes. She was fighting with her inner mind – the voice of reasoning, but then, the idea of having another pair of periwinkle shoes was so appealing that the voice of reason obviously lost the battle. You may as well use that principle while writing your web copy. Use colorful but not deceitful language. Explore your prospect’s desires, and give them a good reason to buy “you”. Watch the ad here.

Don’t do boring

Boring is sneaky, don’t let it take over your web copy. Imagine you were meeting your best friend over coffee and the topic of the day was that first date you had with that hot guy that finally asked you out? I’m sure that kind of conversation would be anything but boring. Most times, it pays to write exactly how you speak. Not only does it allow you to inject some personality into your web copy, it also sounds very real and doesn’t end up being boring. Revise your web copy every now and then. Does it sound “you”? Would you read it to the end if it wasn’t written by you?
Reading isn’t the most fun thing to do, but when prospects come looking they’re already committing to seeing if you’re the best fit for them.
Make the experience engaging and worthwhile for them.
If you try all the suggestions above and you still can’t seem to come up with captivating web copy that generates leads, it might be time you hired a professional copywriter.

Is your web copy on point? Do you think you still need to improve? What are some of the best copywriting tips you’ve read online?

Hit me with your answers in the comments!

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