Can you handle the spotlight?

Oh well, I had to ask. ‘Cos you can expect copy that’s so good you might actually wanna hire yourself.

Funny, witty, engaging, captivating and straight up intimate. You know, the kind of intimacy that opens up a whole new world for your prospective clients.

Great copy. Yet, amazingly heartfelt. In your very own voice. Freshly brewed like a hot cup of coffee.

Let’s work together to create a flawless, cohesive message crafted to touch hearts. Slight cheese factors included. Just the write amount.

And yeah, there’s a method to the madness and my clients agree I’ve got a system that works.

How it works:

  • The Foundation: This is where you get a healthy dose of copy therapy for your brand & business. Involves a comprehensive, in-depth questionnaire about your core competence, existing site audience (if any) and your raddest clients. We create the road map for your signature style, your brand voice and the kind of impact you’re shooting for.
  • The Brand Strategy Session: A 30-60 minutes convo via phone or Skype to discuss your project in details, the creative brief and exactly what you need or don’t need in your copy.
  • In Copyland: I get to work and start crafting your brilliant message to the world. This package comes with a strong focus on your Homepage, “About” page and “Work with me” page. Other pages may include landing pages, “Why should you hire me?” page, “Start here” page and so on (sales pages are not included.)
  • The Review: Three rounds of revisions. Pinpoint anything you feel isn’t resonating enough. This is a collaborative process and I strive to keep my clients satisfied, at least 99.01% of the time.
  • Gallo Moscato Moments: We drink wine. Or eat pizza. Or share a virtual kiss through my computer screen. Whatever your style is. It’s your call.

Option 1: The Full Caboodle:

10 pages of hot, sizzling copy to rock the socks off your present + future clients.

They call it web copy. I call it the deal-breaker.


  • A hot date with my Brand Deet Sheet. Hmm. The streets are talking. Featuring sudden clarity + Gallo Moscato moments.
  • A Skype/Phone Session to discuss your project in details. May include virtual bear hugs, red wine and high fives.
  • A well thought out Homepage with strong calls to action. Would you like to direct site visitors to your email list? Done. Want them click a button? Sealed. Want them to check out your latest blog posts? Confirmed. The Homepage copy is one of the most important elements of your website, and that’s why I write this with your end user in mind. We’re not just putting words on that page, we’re designing an unforgettable user experience that’ll keep ‘em reaching inside their pockets.
  • A lust-worthy “About” page that commands respectable attention. The “About” page is the most visited page on most websites. With that 10 seconds hook that determines whether the client will work with you or not, your “About” page will reflect who you are and why they should trust you. It displays your depth of expertise and shows how well you know your potential clients so you can earn their trust and respect.
  • A “Work with me” page that truly reinforces your street cred. It’s an extension of the “About” page, but with stronger Calls to Action. Another important page, it’s where prospective clients bite the bullet.
  • A “New here?” page that connects the dots for the latest fans. This page will point readers to your free + paid offers, your most popular blog posts, your brand message…and so on.
  • How about a  dedicated “Thank you for rocking with me” page for your newsletter subscribers?
  • A “manifesto/my philosophy” page outlining your core values and why you do what you do.
  • Save time answering common potential clients’ inquiries with a “Frequently asked questions” page.
  • Ensure you’re working with the right client with a “Are you my dream client?” page.
  • Brag about your media exposure + brand collaborations with a scintillating “Featured” page.
  • Oh well, we can also seal the deal with a dedicated landing page for your high end offering, mastermind group or a heart project. Whoa.

P.S: These pages are arbitrary suggestions. You can totally choose any 10 pages that aligns with your brand message. Sales pages not included.

Investment >>> $4500.

Timeline: 2 – 4 weeks

Start by filling the form below.


What’s great copy without some tantalizing bonuses? You also get to walk away with:

  • Three sharp, laser targeted social media blurbs. Or a pickup line when you can’t get your mind off the hot guy you met last week.
  • A sexy tagline + opt-in copy for your dedicated email capture page.
  • A bespoke 3-liner brand statement that captures your brand message in a way that will make your competitors swoon with envy. No more involuntary lip tremors when people ask you what you do.

Option 2: The “shh…I’m just getting started and I need web copy right now” package:

At the end of our collaboration, expect to be dazzled, shed tears of joy and walk away with these after-effects:

  1. Superstar clarity on your ideal clients, who they are, what they want and why you’re the best at what you do.
  2. Uber stylish Homepage copy crafted with purpose and intention to instantly connect with your prospective clients.
  3. Your very own tailor-made “About” page oozing a big dose of confidence, empathy and clarity for your brand vision.
  4. A hot, irresistible “Work with me” page that will make your competitors swoon with envy.
  5. Two other pages of your choice (examples: a dedicated email capture page, a “Why I do what I do” page, a landing page… etc). Note: sales pages are not included.

Bonuses: Same as above. Because I’m nice like that.

Investment: $2500

Timeline: 2 – 3 weeks

Availability: Sometimes I’m booked for days, weeks or a few months in advance, so get on it!

Process: Once we decide our stars align, I’ll send you the contract and invoice, then we can dance from there.

Mode of payment: 50% deposit, 50% after completion. If there’s a queue on ground, a non-refundable 50% deposit will be required to lock in your spot.

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