The ultimate guide to becoming a UX designer

If you’re a voracious “devourer of information” like me, you’d have seen lots of questions and blog posts on Quora, Medium, Twitter and pretty much every major social media platform about UX design. All of a sudden it’s like the hottest chick on the block and everyone wants a piece of that sexy pie!

UX design has always been around, but with the advent of the latest design tools and the cutting edge technology available to everyone these days, it’s becoming more and more crucial to design a user centric website that rolls out the red carpet for your users and make them feel special. There’s a very blurry line between UX (User Experience) design and UI (User Interface) design, and a lot of people are still very confused as per the difference between the two. This post contains links that address that and a host of other frequently asked questions about UX design.

So whether you’re looking to broaden your horizon, break into the UX design world or get a new job as a UX designer, I’ve got you covered.

Here’s your list of carefully curated, insightful blog posts that’ll answer your most pressing questions about UX design, how to get started and how to craft a successful career in UX design!

Let’s get started:

Update: Watch this video by UX Mastery.

My absolute favorite! -> The only UX reading list you’ll ever need

Also worth checking out :

There you have it guys. You’re welcome!

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